Mission Statement

The mission of the Marin Cultural Association is to support art and culture in Marin County including enhancing the programs and facilities at the Marin Center and the Marin County Fair.

The Marin Cultural Association advocates for and serves as a catalyst to increase participation, advance collaboration and optimize resources for culture in Marin County. Proceeds to the Marin Cultural Association help us with our mission to support art and culture in Marin County and are used to support programming, education, advocacy, our facilities and tickets for nonprofits serving people in need in our community.  Additional information at MarinCounty.org 


Marin Cultural Association Leadership

  • Gabriella C. Calicchio, executive director
  • Libby Garrison, director of external relations
  • Tierney Hamilton, program manager
  • Diane Doodha, chair
  • Suzie Pollak, vice chair
  • Marge Bartolini, treasurer
  • Adam Hirschfelder, secretary
  • Massimo Pacchione, board member
  • Josh Rafner, board member
  • Al Boro, board member
  • Joy Phoenix, board member
  • Michael Freed, board member