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Arts, Culture, Action Marin:

A Plan For Equity in the Arts

In Sept. 2018, A Steering Committee made up of Marin community and business leaders launched the public planning process known as 'ARTS, CULTURE, ACTION, MARIN!'

This was in response to data that showed diminishing performance and exhibit opportunities. The lack of opportunity causes the remaining resident artists in the creative community to be driven out  in search of affordable, arts-friendly communities. Marin’s low-income and minority communities, which have yet to be equitably reflected and served in the creative sector, are among those who face some of the hardest challenges when looking for creative opportunities.

The Coalition, determining that Marin can no longer afford to leave its endangered arts resources to chance, decided it was time to take action. The Marin Cultural Association — a nonprofit under the umbrella of the MARIN DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL SERVICES — obtained grant funding and employed the expert CULTURAL PLANNING GROUP to lead the development of a comprehensive arts and culture master plan for Marin. This plan, formally adopted by the Board of Supervisors on May 14, 2019, was built from community input.

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