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How Does My Support Help?

The Marin Cultural Association advocates for and serves as a catalyst to increase participation, advance collaboration and optimize resources for arts and culture in Marin County.

Proceeds to the Marin Cultural Association help us with our mission and are used to underwrite programming, to develop education for underserved youth, to expand our Community Access Ticket program, and to upgrade our facilities. With ongoing support from our community, Marin Center offers more than 1,000 events each year, nurturing the arts in our community and creating a vibrant home for arts and culture. It is only with donor support that our non-profit organization is able to achieve its mission to support art and culture in Marin County.

The Marin Cultural Association offers a number of additional leadership giving levels and benefits to fit your interests. For more information about these opportunities, please contact the Marin Cultural Association at (415) 473-6934 or by email.

Tax Deductibility: All donations to the Marin Cultural Association are tax deductible less the fair market value.

Matching Gifts: Increase the power of your charitable giving by doubling or tripling your gift. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and/or spouses. Check with your employer to see if you are eligible.

  • all friend level benefits above and;
  • two drink tickets for Marin Center concessions
  • two drink tickets for Marin Center concessions or for Carin Cultural Association wine and beer garden at the Marin County Fair

Marin Cultural Association Support

We are tremendously grateful to the members of our community whose passion, generosity and dedication help support art and culture in Marin County.

Gifts from July 1, 2017 – present:

Executive Producers

  • Margaret and Louis Bartolini
  • California Arts Council
  • County of Marin
  • Anonymous Fund of MCF
  • Wilhelm Family Foundation
  • William and Laura Hewlett Foundation


  • Sarah and David Bott
  • Fenwick Foundation
  • Michael Freed
  • Steve and Susan Machtinger
  • James Mochizuki
  • Suzie Pollak
  • Phyllis Thelen
  • William H. Donner Foundation


  • Lauren Howard
  • Dody Mertz
  • George and Donnalei Sumner


  • Riob Devincenzi
  • Scott and Jackie Littman
  • Renee Rymer
  • Whitney Walters


  • Maya Balenz
  • Mary Braly
  • Janet Buder
  • Cheryl Burris
  • Carol Cuppy
  • Tierney Hamilton and Zack Burnside
  • Rhea Dev
  • Michael and Marjorie Goodman
  • Lauren Howard
  • Robert Kaliski
  • Jane Kramer
  • Darell Krasnoff
  • Daniel Krimm
  • Susan and Dennis McQuaid
  • Mark and Kay Noguchi
  • Suzanne Oberlin
  • Ann Peden
  • Stephen Piatek
  • Marty Rubino
  • Annette and Paul Venables
  • Kate Wilson
  • April Wolcott

Bartolini Gallery Founder's Circle

  • Charlie Barboni
  • Linda Bartera
  • Mark Bartolini and Jasmina Etemovic
  • Paul Bartolini
  • Al and Pat Boro
  • Sarah and David Bott
  • Marion Boyd
  • Yvonne Bush
  • Joe and Sue Carlomagno
  • Col. Bill Cope
  • Ronnie and Ann Dickson
  • Diane and Frank Doodha
  • Joanne Dunn
  • Leslie Freed and Michael Freed
  • Janet Hamilton
  • Annette Rose and Chris Hardman
  • Todd and Leslie Hendrickson
  • Lucas A. Hendrickson
  • Victoria L. Hendrickson
  • Tim and Gina Hiemstra
  • Lauren Howard and Rich Reese
  • Jayne Hulbert and Gene Duffy
  • Gabriella Calicchio and Michael Janeš
  • Meagan Keane and Massimo Pacchione
  • Ernest and Nicole Klock
  • Paul Liberatore and Donna Seager
  • Steven and Susan Machtinger
  • Keith and Helena Marsh
  • Susan and Dennis McQuaid
  • Dody Mertz
  • James Mochizuki
  • Mark and Kay Noguchi
  • Joy Phoenix
  • Gail Pierce Photography
  • Suzie Pollak
  • Amy Russom and Matt Basile
  • Phyllis Thelen
  • LeeAnn Bartolini and Dan Volk
  • Westamerica Bank
  • Leslie Chatham and Kathie Weston
  • Maynard and Helen Willms
  • Gifts in loving memory:
  • Gena Bartolini
  • Mary Kay Bartolini
  • Patricia Hamilton
  • Jerry R. Russom
  • Joseph Simmerson