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MCA remains committed to creative community

Dear Marin Artists &  Arts Supporters,

Our hearts are heavy with the suffering that COVID-19 has inflicted throughout our communities and across the globe. Marin's arts sector has been hit hard by widespread cancellations of performances, events and educational offerings. The Marin Center theaters and galleries are among the many Marin arts venues that have shuttered in compliance with health directives. 

Despite the closure of our Marin Center facilities, The Marin Cultural Association remains committed to providing COVID-19 preparedness and response resources for our creative community. We will continue to update our list of emergency funds and resources for artists and arts organizations, arts marketing tools for moving your programming online, and general relief resources including food, health and housing. 

In addition, we are providing links to advocacy opportunities to help ensure that arts and culture providers are included in the aggressive economic recovery efforts this pandemic will require. Even as we isolate ourselves from infection, we can mount a collective response to this looming threat. Please participate in the survey by Americans  for the Arts to help document the impact of COVID-19 on the arts sector at the national level, and take a moment to contact Governor Newsom, through the link provided, to ask him to include artists and arts nonprofits in COVID-19 relief efforts. 

We hope you will take advantage of the available resources if and when you need them, and please pass them along to others in need. If you have questions or suggestions, or would like to recommend additional resources, please contact us at:

Take good care of yourselves!

Gabriella Calicchio, Director

Marin Cultural Association and

Marin Department of Cultural Services

Vicki Pedersen, Chair

Marin Cultural Association 

Board of Directors

And all of us at Marin Cultural Association

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