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Painting by: Wendy Goldberg
The MCA Board is comprised of community members who appreciate the importance of a strong and resilient arts ecosystem as a contributor to the wellbeing of Marin County residents. The Board consists of up to 30 members. Board members are appointed to a two-year term, which may be renewed for a consecutive term two times.
This is an opportunity for an individual who is passionate about MCA’s mission and who has a track record of community leadership.
The comprehensive Board Position Description can be viewed and downloaded below.

Marin Cultural Association 
Board of Directors Application Form

Application Information:

Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Marin Cultural Association. Our goal is to maintain a Board of Directors that is reflective of the breadth and diversity of our community to stay connected to our constituents and maintain our relevancy.


Below is a copy of the online application. We suggest you gather the information needed prior to entering it in the online application. Applications are being accepted through July 31, 2024.


Formed in 2015, the Marin Cultural Association’s mission is to support art and culture in Marin County including enhancing the programs and facilities at the Marin Center and the Marin County Fair. Marin Cultural Association will be a catalyst and advocates to increase participation, advance collaboration, and optimize resources for culture in Marin County for all residents regardless of age, race, ability, or means.

Applicant Contact Information:

Biographical Information:

Which of your skills would you like to utilize on the Board? (please select all that apply)


The minimum contribution for Members is currently $1,000, with the hope that Members will consider larger gifts when possible to further advance Marin Cultural Association’s mission. The Marin Cultural Association is committed to establishing a Board that effectively and equitably represents the Marin arts community and recognizes that if the minimum contribution would pose a hardship for any Member, then a reduction or waiver may be requested.

A waiver or reduction for this requirement may be requested by checking this box. If box is checked, please explain the need for the waiver/reduction.
If you are not selected as a member of the Board, or if you decide not to join, would you like to be a volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests?

Thanks for submitting!

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