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What do you do? | 5 Question Series

On a regular basis, we ask members of our team and/or community partners to answer five questions about their positions, their favorite program or event, and other personal tidbits.

Featuring: Brian Copeland, SF Solo Series

Q: How did you begin your journey as a solo artist? Back in 2004, I wrote my first solo play, NOT A GENUINE BLACK MAN, and debuted it at the Marsh. I was supposed to run it for six weeks and then go back to stand up. It went on to become the longest running solo show in Bay Area theatrical history, running Off Broadway and in over 30 American cities. I have subsequently written five more plays that have been well received. My latest, GRANDMA & ME An Ode To Single Parents, will close out this third season of the Marin solo series.
Q: What is the Best of SF Solo Series and how did it start? I get the most popular solo plays from the Marsh, San Francisco Fringe Festival, ACT and Berkeley Rep and bring them to the suburbs. It began in 2015 in my hometown of San Leandro as an experiment to see if the community would support this kind of theater. It has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. San Leandro’s fifth season begins in October. Marin Center is entering its third season. Q: What is unique about this series? As far as I know, it’s the only series of strictly solo plays in the country.
Q: This isn’t the first time that The Best of SF Solo Series has come to the Marin Center. What about this venue keeps you coming back for this event? The audiences are great and appreciative. As long as they keep supporting us, I’ll keep coming back!
Q: What are you most looking forward to with this year’s Best of SF Solo Series? Presenting this entire collection of diverse, eclectic theater to a new audience.
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