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MCA's COVID-19 update for artists and arts providers as Marin recovers

Dear Marin Artists and Arts Providers,

The Marin Cultural Association (MCA) is proud of our community for its commitment to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Our staff continues to work as Disaster Services Workers and our county facilities are being utilized for COVID operations. During these difficult times, MCA is focusing on how to support the survival and recovery of artists and arts providers in our community. We have started by developing and posting artist and community resources on our website,

As it prepares for a phased reopening, Marin County has assembled industry groups to develop guidelines and protocols to ensure the safety of businesses and their patrons. MCA Executive Director, Gabriella Calicchio, is charged with leading the Arts Sector Recovery Group, which focuses on re-opening procedures for arts-related businesses. Most businesses in the creative sector are considered “high-risk” by the state of California, making them among the last to resume operations. MCA will continue to provide updates and support for Marin artists and arts organizations as we learn more. Additional updates and guidelines will be posted to once they have been approved. For general re-opening guidelines, as well as to sign up for updates and provide feedback on this process, please see

As many of you know, artists and arts organizations were already struggling financially before the pandemic hit. In response to the current crisis, many have come up with the temporary solution of moving things online for a virtual experience. While this has helped keep creativity in the mix, the arts are about community and coming together, which a virtual experience cannot provide. To help, MCA is exploring the development of an Arts and Culture Recovery Fund to support struggling arts organizations as they resume business activity. Please be sure to continue checking our website,, as we update the progress of the Fund. 

Stay safe and healthy! 

Gabriella Calicchio, Executive Director

Vicki Pedersen, Board Chair

Tammy Edmonson, Board Secretary

And all of us at MCA

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