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Lipinski_Mt. Tamalpais from Ring Mountai


Formed in 2015, the MCA’s mission is to support art and culture in Marin County including enhancing the programs and facilities at the Marin Center and the Marin County Fair.


MCA advocates for and serves as a catalyst to increase participation, advance collaboration and optimize resources for culture in Marin County for all residents regardless of age, race, ability, or means.

Kathleen Lipinski, "Mt. Tamalpais from Ring Mountain"


“I can’t breathe.” These three words have rocked our nation’s conscience. Across the country, people are being confronted with the ugly truth about America’s history of systemic racism and are being called to respond individually and as a society to move our country in a more just and positive direction.


The many emotional, financial and physical stresses our communities are currently facing can seem overwhelming. But now is not the time to tune out. We must be engaged, pay attention and stay committed to combating racism in all forms.


All of us at the Marin Cultural Association are deeply saddened by the unnecessary death of George Floyd and the numerous black lives needlessly taken before him. We condemn racism of any kind and stand with those exercising their right to free speech in order to fight for a future that provides liberty and justice for all Americans.


By nurturing Marin’s artistic and cultural landscape, MCA strives to advance equality and inclusion. Art has power. It pushes boundaries. It sheds light on topics that would otherwise stay in the shadows. It makes us question. And it builds connections. We believe that by coming together and using our unique experiences and diverse voices to advocate for social change, we can truly make a difference.


In solidarity,


The MCA Team


The Exhibit Hall / Bartolini Gallery 

10 Avenue of the Flags

San Rafael, CA 94903

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